Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal

Time is one of those thing once it is gone you can’t get it back. It just keeps on moving. That means you want to know what you want to spend that time on. Pick what you want and not what you think you should be doing.


That means getting specific about how you want to use your time.

And yes, sometimes you decide not to do anything and chill with your time.



Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal

Being specific about how you use your time helps you know what you want to do with what i completely yours instead of not doing anything with it. Rest, art, read, watch telly, work on your biz, it is up to you to make that choice. All of those choices are valid.


Don’t bring judgement into it. Do what you want to do in that moment that is yours! Guard that time well and don’t let anyone tell you that you just spent your time wrong.

What someone else enjoys might not be something you enjoy and you don’t have to if you do not like it. Say no and guard your time.

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I’m watching Extreme Couponers as I write this. Spending hours and hours on cutting out coupons and a whole day at a grocery store is a hard no for me. It fills me with dread and the concept makes me feel super heavy.


This is not something I even aspire to or desire to do. But that doesn’t mean another can’t love it and enjoy it. It is that variety of interest that makes life more interesting.


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Now the Reveal!

Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal

This week’s piles are The Holly Simple Tarot & Handmade Affirmation Deck.

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Pile One
Son of Pentacles & Flow, Know, Grow

Where are you digging a hole that’s not working? But you keep thinking I’ve dug so much of this hole I have to keep going. All that hard work will go to waste, so you keep digging. If something is NOT working you DO NOT have keep doing it. You can change it, you can even stop doing it. It is not a waste it is learning. The hole might not be working out but you can learn from this. Where do you keep going when it is not working? How does it feel to keep forcing it?


Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal

Pile Two
Four of Wands & Joyous Heart Glow

Back off and change the pattern, break up the cycle you are in. Shake ups can be a good thing especially when you initiate it yourself. It will help you start to see a few things in a new manner. That’s a good thing and it will open up doors you never thought about before. It doesn’t need to be a giant one, that’s what tends to scare one off of the shake up. Thinking it has to be HUGE. But your shake up can be small and subtle. What feels like it needs some change?


Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal

Pile Three
Father of Wands & I am Empowered

Where are you burning yourself down? You need to build you up not tear down. Look at the language you use around change are you tearing down blocks and kicking fear to the curb. that’s some strong language and you want to start changing that. Can you let the block dissolve because you are working with compassion and you. Will you let your fears be loved so that they feel safe and do not need to protect you. Can you understand the difference there and how it feels? Where can you be more kind to you? How will that change your life?


Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal


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Time flowing like a river and Card Reveal