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Tips for you to connect with your Guides

Tips for you to connect with your Guides


Guides will often pop up in readings especially when using the Faery’s Oracle by Froud. When I see the spirit guide card come in a reading, I know that they need to get in touch with their people now. Some are already in touch but need to strengthen or be more involved with their Guides. Others haven’t been in touch and are being asked to contact with those helping them.


The number one question I get when the Spirit Guide card comes up is how do I get in touch. The second being how do I know/hear them. Here are a few tips to help you out when contacting them. First realize that not all Guides are talkative. I have two who communicate and are in touch frequently. They work a lot with me on life. Two others are more in the background, they aren’t as there and don’t talk as much but they leave clues, signs, and are there for me. Also how you experience info coming to you can vary some feel, hear, sense, know, or any combo of these. There is no set way for information to come to you.


Tips for you to connect with your Guides

The first step I tell people to do is say hello. Just start talking to them, they are there. They are going to hear you, so don’t worry if you think they haven’t responded. Most likely they have and you didn’t hear (I am going to use hear to make this easy on me.)


Listen. Now that you have said hello you need to pay attention. Look for small things that catch your eye. Feathers, pebbles, a snippet of a song. Messages are for the most part not going to hit you over the head and say over here. They are more often small and quiet in nature. Do not dismiss a feeling of awe over something or weird stuff in your path. Pay attention to it.


Figure out your style. I hear and feel things. I’ve heard things forever, as a teen I would be walking down the street and hear my name called clear as day. Turn around no one there. I’ll get feelings for energy. One guide’s energy sits on my spine and makes it feel all nice an warm. That’s my style of hearing. Yours can be different keep an intuition journal and write down things you feel are significant big or small. That way you can go back and figure it out.


Hindsight makes shit fall into place. So many times have I said. I don’t get it and whine to my guides. A few days later or weeks I get it. You don’t always have the context to the message and that’s okay. Figuring it out after the fact can still be very enlightening.


Those are my top tips for you to connect with your Guides.



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