Tips to Handle Mercury Rx 2017

Tips to Handle Mercury Rx 2017

Hold on tight and get ready for a wild ride!


Yes wild!


Tips to Handle Mercury Rx 2017

August is jammed packed of astrological stuffs going on. Mercury in Retrograde, lunar and solar eclipses along with the normal moon phases. Add that to all the fire that’s going on and that’s a lot to have going on energetically.


Go with it and ride this energy. Don’t try to control it and make it do things it will tie you up in knots. Flow with it, ride it, see where it goes. There will be time to sort out where you end up after this is over.



Figure out what needs to be let go of and do it.

Use compassion in all you do.

Let yourself feel what is being felt, it is part of letting go.

Flow and ride it as much as you can.

SELF – CARE!  Use it!

Things are in the process of being activated and changes are happening even if you think they are not. The more you decide to engage in this and let it happen the more you are going to get out of the process. Let the Snake and Spider energies go to work on you and for you. Step up and step into your true self and be empowered!



Tips to Handle Mercury Rx 2017

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