Tips to Survive Mercury in Retrograde

Tips to Survive Mercury in Retrograde

I’ve been staring at the blank page for a bit and finally gave up writing anything deep and pondering this morning. Instead here’s my favorite ways to survive Mercury in Retrograde, along with a bunch of other planets also in retrograde. Yeah!


Mercury in retrograde is one of those times I seek ease, even if I am using it to make some major changes in behavior I still seek ease in that change. Why beat your head against a wall? Go with the flow. As always I keep things simple. Simple gets done whereas elaborate falls to the side and then we feel bad that we aren’t keeping up with our unreasonable plans. MIR always brings back home I need to keep it extremely simple and not beat me up on the days that even simple fails.


Tips to survive Mercury in Retrograde

Go to bed early. You don’t have to go to sleep but get into your jammies early and relax. This makes such a huge difference especially if you find yourself dragging energetically or simply plain old tired. More rest helps keep you even.

Water therapy as it used to be called back when peeps would go off to a resort and take the waters. This means drinking more water or at least making sure you get enough everyday. It also includes taking baths or showers. Huge energy shifts or energy release or general weirdness leave you dehydrated Bathing whether using epsom salts or just taking a nice long shower soothes and cleanses. Foot baths are also really wonderful.

Listen to music. Music remains one of my core practices to stay centered. It can change your mood faster than just about anything else. It can also help you process what needs to be processed.

I’m lumping the next three together as they will probably be on every tip list I give. Art, meditation, and exercise. Yep, I know you are surprised. Art journaling gets out what you need to get out. Meditation just 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Exercise is plain old good for you. All of them keep me balanced. They can all be short and easy and simple. You don’t have to start on a mongo exercise regime, take a walk, dance to a song, do some sun salutations. Collage is a great way to create art and bring in or release emotions. Magazines have great words and pictures to make use of.


When it all goes sideways be kind to you. First and foremost be compassionate to yourself. The more you bring in self love, care, and compassion the more smoothly any retrograde will go for you. This one has such a simple concept but man can it be hard.



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