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Tree Meditation

Tree Meditation

Happy Yule!


Yeah I know it’s not quite there yet but here is a gift from me. I’ve used this for a long time to connect with plants, especially trees.


Tree Meditation

This connecting meditation can be done with any plant you want to speak with. Different plants will have different paces and time frames. An annual plant tends to have a fast energy since it has a short life cycle. Trees especially old trees have a slow, steady, interconnectedness to them. Get to know one tree and you can talk to any tree you want to. They are all connected. Trees are so much fun.


I use this to help ailing plants to find out what’s wrong with them. To get things to grow in my garden, short summer and those mountains get in the way of my light. Or simply to learn from them. Power plants do not get the love they deserve. Until recently I worked very rarely with animal energies and worked a lot with plant energies.


The Tree Meditation is currently part of the library sign up to get access.

Have a wonderful Yule and happy New Year.


A Sacred Connection

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