Card Reveal

Trust yourself and Support Others – Card Reveal

Sitting back and watching is one of the things I’ve always done. Pay attention but not speak or add to the convo. Which has also had people think I am shy, just don’t have anything to say.


This week watching what went on with Simone Biles who is smart enough to realize she was in the wrong head space. Seriously the twisties sound terrifying to me. To be flinging your body all around and not know up, down, sideways, SCARY! She could be paralyzed or seriously hurt but she’s that good.


What I do know is that my role in this is to support and validate.

Listen and witness.



Trust yourself and Support Others  - Card Reveal

This goes for anyone who is in a situation like that. It may not be at the Olympics but at work or personal life. When you realize that something is not right and you just can’t and maybe even shouldn’t. The role of another person is to say hey, I hear you, do what you need to do.


Push through it culture is not healthy.


Choose not to participate in it and support

people who also make that choice.



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Now the reveal!

Trust yourself and Support Others - Card Reveal

This week’s decks are Keepers of the Light, Sacred Creators Oracle, and Earth Magic.


Pile One
El Morya – Awakening Presence, The Now, Childhood – Innocence

Where are you projecting, is it into the future or the past? You can’t change one at all and the other you can only make a guess at what will happen. Try being here now and not in another time. The time spent acting in the now is going to be good. Where do you need to focus?

Trust yourself and Support Others - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Gaia – Earth Connection, Soul on Fire, Summer Solstice – Radiance

Find the connection between being grounded and on fire. It sounds like it won’t work, they are so different. But you job is to figure out how Fire and Earth work for you and more importantly how they work together. This is very personal so look for inspiration from others but know that it comes down to how you work with these two. How can you be grounded and on fire?

Trust yourself and Support Others - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Diana – Focused Intention, Your Past Supports Your Future, Lake – Stillness

Find that point where you are in the zone this week. That place where you can just simply flow with action. Now mind you that there’s a chance it will be only a day or a few of them this comes in. Take advantage of how long it lasts and go for it. Do you putter about instead of getting it done?

Trust yourself and Support Others - Card Reveal


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