Retrogrades, Weekly Card Reveal

Uranus Retrograde & Pick a Pile Reading!

Hello and welcome to the end of another week and the beginning of Uranus Retrograde.


The fun thing about Uranus is that it is the great awakener and very innovative. Which can be fun if you are into shaking things up and trying on new ideas. If you aren’t into that it can be challenging.

Uranus Retrograde & Pick a Pile Reading!

It can help to bring in creativity.

Remember creativity is defined by you! It can be as simple as creating a wonderful meal for you, arranging flowers, enjoying nature, dancing, etc.


The simple process will help you navigate the shake up and let you deal better with the larger energies that are coming in for you. If you need more help with Uranus Retrograde check out the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast.


Here’s a meditation to help you get to a

starting point with Uranus Retrograde shake up.


No idea what happened with the first vid. We have fracking sound now.


Now for the Card Reveal!

This Week’s Decks are Keeper’s of the Light and Earth Magic.



Pile One
Lady Nada – Heart Awakening and Lotus – Unfoldment


What do you want to be? This question often gets lost in doubt and confusion as you try to figure it out. You may have strong intuitive hits that you start to pick apart, because what if that’s not it. What if that was the message you needed to get started and you pulled it apart for no real reason except for doubting you. Trust your heart to know what you need to do and start letting it unfold. Do you work from doubt? How does this create detours in your life? What if you trust yourself?


Uranus Retrograde & Pick a Pile Reading!


Pile Two
Gaia – Earth Connection and Fairies – Earth Magic


What is the Earth saying to you? Good chance there’s been a lot of signs asking you to connect with the planet or at least nature. Pay attention to how it is showing up for you. It may not be a beat you over the head type thing. It can be subtle as a butterfly crossing your path. Take the time this week and know what’s calling to you and get in touch with it. Where do you need more nature? What signs are already here? How do you want this to take shape?



Uranus Retrograde & Pick a Pile Reading!

Pile Three
Commander Ashtar – Call to Action and Whale Breach


How long do you want to stay below the surface holding your breath and waiting for it to show up? There’s only so far doing what needs to be done in your head can take you. If it never gets of your head it won’t happen. The is the call to do it! Leap into action and start using what’s in your head in life.Planning is good but if you really want to do it, you actually do have to do it. Where do you like to plan and keep planing? How does this hold you back? Can you act, more importantly do you want to act?


Uranus Retrograde & Pick a Pile Reading!


Affirmation Card

Are you shutting down your energy flows?

Uranus Retrograde & Pick a Pile Reading!

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