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Vision for 2016

Vision for 2016


This year one the goals for this site is to integrate more of the video aspect into it. I aim for two videos a week and sometimes I make it and well sometimes I don’t. But the point is there is a lot more interesting content than I am putting on this site. That needs to change!


So you will see my videos that put on YouTube on this site, it feels right so I am going with it. In 2015 I decided to commit to making at least one video a week and see what happened. What I found out is there are things I like to talk about and things I like to write about and while there is overlap I want that talk aspect to be here too. My goal each week is a video dealing with spirituality in some manner and one that deals with art. I’m also participating in the YouTube Pagan Challenge which is making a video for each week of the year. We have 52 questions to answer. Let’s find out if I make it to the end.


Vision for 2016

Art is another area I want to incorporate more. Art is an integral part of my life and spiritual process. It really helps me process everything going on in a healthy manner. My art reflects my inner landscapes. It comes from going to the Underworld and working with Faery. It comes from my connection to Frigg and Odin. It comes from my heart and soul.


There are a couple of new readings in the works one that uses the Fallen Angels oracle. I fucking love that deck. It has an interesting view and take on things, especially the darker side of life. They are also so loving in their manner when you connect with them. There’s another reading in the works using Froud’s Heart of Faery, that will deal with relationships. Keep your eye’s peeled for them and the intro price.


You can still expect lot’s of what I did last year. Card reveals will still be on Fridays. I am having so much fun doing them. Thursday will introduce card pulls on my Facebook page, which is a new thing I am playing with. I’ve done them in groups for a long time but never on the FB page.


I’m also playing around with the idea of a longer audio or call on various topics such as year cards and how to use them. We shall see how that takes shapes.


New Years 2016 Card Reveal, never too late for it.

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