Walking the Worlds: Chakra Expansion

Walking the Worlds: Chakra Expansion Class

Walking the Worlds: Chakra Expansion

comes out of the work I do each year, month, day, hour…


Forward & Death – 2014


Forward was my word of the year four years ago. Oddly enough Forward was unwittingly paired with a Death card year. Boy did I go forward. Holy metamorphosis, Batman!


This was also the year Snake came into my life and gave me a new skin suit to grow into. Personal mythic systems let you translate what happens in your spiritual life into your mundane life.


Walking the Worlds: Chakra Expansion Class

Love & the Hierophant – 2015


The word that changed all I do is Love. It changed how I live my life. It allowed me to see the framework I use in my life.


Having a framework let me move into the energy of Love in all I do. Even when I want to lash out at another. It helps me to not do that. Love constantly reminds me I can act and respond while moving from the heart.

Heal & The Lovers – 2016


That same spiritual framework let me work from Love and Heal the year my father died suddenly. My word for this year was picked out before things went wrong.

It let me process the guilt over what happened and how he died. If only we would have remembered the tractor keys. Had time to get the meds straightened out. If only…

That framework let me start to Heal. It let me have guilt, sorrow, depression, and mourn. It let me heal instead of wallowing in all that difficult emotion.

Beauty & The Chariot – 2018


Now I walk in beauty was on repeat in my head. It is call, a reminder that all I do is spiritual. That I walk a path that includes teaching. How can I teach and encourage my peeps to use it as a leaping point? How can I stay based in love while I encourage my clients and students to move into the unknown?


Walking the Worlds Chakra Expansion is a huge part of that. It all comes back to frameworks and helping you create yours. Spirituality is not about doing what someone else does or tells you to. It is about doing your own thing.

It is about finding a framework that works for you. That’s what Walking the Worlds: Chakra Expansion is geared towards doing, helping you create a framework that works for you.


It gives you a place to leap off from and encourages you to adapt it to work better for you.


Is currently part of the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast



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