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Weather the Storm with Iris of the Rainbows

There are time when it feels like the storm will never end and you will be stuck in the hard of it forever! This is when I fall back on the most basic practices I have. Card pulls and looking at the energy they carry.


Weather the Storm with Iris of the Rainbows

It is not the time to judge anything if you want to weather the storm in your life. It is about navigating with as little judgement as you can bring in. As a human being it will be hard to do, but it really does help.



Iris of the Rainbows can help you out with this.


No storm lasts forever it will end. In times of big change you sometimes have to go along with what’s happening and do your best. It can be hard to direct your change when you don’t have enough energy to get through the day.


All you do is your best.


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