Weekly Card Reveal

Weekly Card Reveal New Years Edition 2016!

Weekly Card Reveal New Years Edition 2016!


Can you believe it is already a new year, so amazing. A few years ago I decided to make a resolution to resolve when I needed to and keep resolving until I got where I wanted to be. Best resolution ever. It reminds me to reaffirm what I want whenever I need to. A resolution isn’t a one time statement it is something to grow and create something new from.


Weekly Card Reveal New Years Edition 2016!

This week is a reminder that we are all connected and that even if dim that connection is never fully severed. There is a call to shine, to be courageous, and to be wild in this new year. All are calls to expand the boundaries of self and know that expansion can be safe, it can be supported, and it can be what we want.



Weekly Card Reveal New Years Edition 2016!

We are using the Watchers Major Arcana today.


Card 1
The Star

It is so easy to forget what we are and that is stardust. We are part of the stars and the Universe, there is no separation between them and us, it is all one. Bring the light into your life, let yourself start to shine out. Be a bright beacon for you and for others. Where and how do you want to shine this year?


Card 2

So many times we put ourselves into a box and decide to live from inside that box. This box defines the borders of the world we chose to live in. The box is safe and comfortable but Strength asks that you start to push the boundaries your box. You are infinite there is no boundary between you and the Universe. How can you expand your boundaries this year and move out of your current box?


Card 3
High Priestess

She’s been showing up in various guises a lot this end of year. She is power and mystery rolled up into a potent bundle. She calls and urges the wild and unexpected to leap out of you. The wild calls out for you to join it and revel in the unexpected that life brings to you. Her dance is the connection you need to you, it, them, and everything. What can you do to step into your power and the mystery of you to light.


Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Love and blessing to you all in the new year and beyond.


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