We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

We’ve Only Just Begun & Card Reveal

Thank the Gods we are on the other side of that election. That was one of the more intense weeks for me in 2020. And this year has pretty much over delivered in the worst ways possible. It’s been worse them the Dead Dad year and that was very shitty year full of loss.


What I do know is this is one step on the way to a new normal. Because the old normal is full of holes and has never been inclusive. The dream of a country, world, universe where all are valued and safe is still a dream but we are a bit closer then we were.


We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal

Lot’s of work still to be done on all levels.


A good place to start is you. Look at where you use racist, ableist, sexist, fat phobic language. It is enlightening to realize how much that plays into insults. How many times a day do you say something such as “That’s crazy!”, look at those basic staples.


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We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal

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I impulse bought a tarot deck right before the election here’s an

unboxing video of it.

We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal



Last of the what was I thinking about when I set that camera up vids.

The Reveal is Here!

We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal

Animal Kin Oracle, Mythic Tarot, & World Cards


Pile One
Praying Mantis – Patience, Five of Wands, & Gaia Gateway


Force rarely brings about an effective process, it tends to not work so well. You need to look where you are forcing it and making it work simply to finish it up. Take a step back and bring in some new energy around what you are forcing so you can see it in a new light. You can move forward and enjoy it. Where do you use force when you want it done? Do you get your best work when you force it?


We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal


Pile Two
Hummingbird – Joy, Page of Swords, & The Underworld


Joy is a big thing let it open up for you and don’t shut it down with too much thinking. Let yourself be buoyant and enjoy where you are, you don’t have to be deep all the time. You can have simple enjoyable fun just because you want to. Don’t let your brain shut you down because the world isn’t fixed yet. You can take a break and bring in joy. Where do you shut down your joy? What if you simply had fun with it?


We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal

Pile Three
Camel – Celebration, Five of Swords, & River of Stars


Knowing what went wrong can be a good thing except when that’s all you base it on. It is good to know what didn’t work but it is not the whole story. Because usually a lot also is going well and that’s getting ignored so you can create perfection. Celebrate what went well! Don’t dismiss it because it was not perfect. It will never be perfect so stop focusing on it. Do you give what went wrong more weight? How does this play into attempting to be perfect?


We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal


Affirmation Card

How can you use kindness to make you a better person?

We've Only Just Begun & Card Reveal


See you in December with the next Reveal!