Weekly Card Reveal

What a week! Card Reveal

What a week! Card Reveal


Holy shizballs peeps what a frelling week. Too much happening in my personal life, a computer crash, and Orlando, and bunch of other blah stuff. Funny thing is I had this deck scheduled months ago for today. We need the Heart of Faery this week.


I keep repeating what the Hamilton musical guy said,”Love is, is love, is love, is love.” Be the Love the world needs right now and let that manifest as your heart tells you to. I find that I am processor of emotions and hold space for people I don’t know but need my support. It is a weird role, almost referred to it as a roll.


What a week! Card Reveal

This Week’s Deck is Heart of Faery

Card 1
The Faerie of Naughtiness


Let your spirit run free! You are being called to be levity, lightness, love filled with fun. You need a good laugh and time to let your spirit soar. Just let this happen right now. Know that this trickster energy is healing you and the world. It brings to light that even in the most dark days there can be laughter, there can be play. How can you bring play into your life? How can it heal you and in turn heal others?


Card 2
The Hope


So much sorrow and no where to go. She knows the dark. She knows how deep it can be. There is much to be learned when we feel despair set in and that learning contains what we need to heal. This is not something to push away it needs to be felt but not wallowed in. Ask the lesson that is needed. Ask how to move out of it. The Card number one peeps are holding space for you even if they don’t know it. See the light that comes out of sorrow and know hope will help you ascend. Where do you hide our light? How an sorrow shape what is best in you?


Card 3
The Challenge


Where do you need to expand? This card stands in your way, it wants to see if you want it and I do mean want it. If you find yourself making to do lists that never get done well The Challenge asks why? This card is about the stories you tell yourself and which ones are true? Which need to go? You are called to face your stories and find the ones that truly make your soul sing and heart ring out in joy. How can you find the stories that truly define you? How do they feel compared to the ones you need to let go of?


New Year Card Reveal. It is never too late for these.

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