Card Reveal

What are your definitions? Card Reveal

What are your definitions?


Be conscious about how you define yourself and life. You do not need to use a definition that doesn’t work for you or that you don’t like.



What are your definitions? Card Reveal

It is up to you how you define your life. This can also help you understand where you want to go if you aren’t fully where your definition is. Working towards being a better you and knowing what that is is super empowering.


Empowerment feels so good!

Embrace it!


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Now the reveal!

This week’s deck is the Holly Simple Tarot

What are your definitions? Card Reveal

Card 1
Son of Cups

When will you let your rainbow out? Just let that rainbow come streaming out of your head. It will be perfectly fine. You are ready to use the energy that’s hanging out in the body. It is also a good thing to move that energy out and back into the collective and refill with fresh energy. Where do you hold onto energy to keep yourself safe? How can refilling yourself create new flows?


Card 2
Two of Pentacles

What choices are you making about money? No ignoring where your money is going, you need to know what you are doing with it. When you want to buy to buy something wait, pull back form that urge. Find out if you still want it in a day, two, a week? There’s a good chance you will feel different about it later on. What could you do with your money if you knew where it went? How can money tracking help you feel better?


Card 3

What do you define as strong and is it working for you? Let yourself be strong in different ways that aren’t the norm. You don’t have to be stoic and emotionless to be strong. You can show and express emotions in a healthy way. Being able to verbalize what you are feeling is a strength and needs to be seen that way. Where are you biting your tongue and holding back with your emotions? What happens when you express yourself?


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