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What I Learned from doing 77 Money Readings

On January 28th I asked for victims to try out a money tarot reading I’d been working on. As I was sitting at my desk that day the question that occurred to me was why was I waiting to test this? I did not have a good answer for that question. So I said to me “screw it”and posted it in a Facebook group that I belong to. The offer was open for an hour and 77 people responded in that one hour time frame.


It’s about money so knew it would be popular but, that yeah… So after I looked at that list and pasted it into a document that was 4 pages long, 5 with notes. Indulged in a mini freakout/celebration I got to work.

What I Learned from doing 77 Money Readings

It’s an experience that I am happy to have had I learned a lot and it made me change some things in my business. But what I learned most of all was about me and money. Doing 77 money tarot readings does not let you hide your own bullshit as you are calling others on theirs. But there were several points that were really driven home because so many of us are doing them. Frankly some of them need to stop especially the ones that deal with Self Love and Self Care. Yes that ties directly into your money health. So here’s what I learned doing 77 money readings.


Self Love and Self Care.

We all need more more of it in our lives. Make this a number one on the to do list. You are your most important asset, start seeing it, NOW!


We think too much. Get out of your brain and do. If thoughts remain only ideas floating about the brain they don’t happen. Taking action and implementing ideas, thoughts and dreams is where it happens. If it stays in your head it will never make you any money.


Money is evil, dirty, bad, etc.

Nope it is not and we need to see how wonderful that stuff is. It brings freedom and security. Part of me right now is yelling Nooo….


But the other part of me knows that given enough money you don’t have to worry when you get a financial hit. It also lets you do what you want and give what you want. As much as all the heart centered business owners think money is evil they have no problem giving it away to good cause.


Healing heart wounds

needs to be done before money wounds can really be focused on.


There are times when healing you is more important then figuring out money health. Let yourself heal so you can move on to a different lesson.



Just do it.

It lets you be vague when you don’t know what to forgive and you can be super specific along with everything in between. I forgive you. I love you. Thanks for the lesson. Now fuck off. Is pretty much how it goes in the beginning of forgiveness, you will eventually lose the fuck off.


Letting go is not always the answer there are times we need to bring the “bad parts” back into the fold. Sometimes we need to release and integrate.


Believe in you! I do.

Here’s the funny thing.


I think every person in B-School except me is wildly success and makes bundles of money. While I am not there I aspire to be. But it occurred to me one day someone else probably thinks the above about me. Trippy.



You think it sucks it will.


Think it will be hard, it will. Think about ease, it eases up. My glass is half full and one day it will be an overflowing well of yummy abundance is where we want our thoughts.

Trying to hard.

It is not happening, try harder. Stop and ease up!

This goes back to self care, go out and have some fun. Laugh at the horrid mistake you just made.


Forcing it doesn’t work.

The round peg is not ever going to be a fit for the triangle shaped hole. I will make this happen NOW.. Rrrraaarrr! Doesn’t work so well.


Don’t feed the money blocks.


The more fear and trepidation you give your blocks the stronger they will grow. Yes you will be scared, you will fear, you will question your sanity but know that they are only thoughts and by acting you move beyond them.


We give out power away.


Someone tells us we are doing it wrong or read 10 billion articles on how to do it. Then proceed to believe we have gone and done it completely wrong. Does it feel good and right for you? Is it hurting anyone, that includes you? Believe in you not what others think.


Slow down.

I only told one person to go faster. Slow and steady lets you grow with your money and abundance. Go too fast and you miss out on opportunities inside of you and outside of.


Thank you all 77 victims who let me read for you. I learned so much on so many levels. I feel you gave me more than I gave you. Much love to you all and my your abundance flourish.


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