Card Reveal

What I want more of in 2023 – Card Reveal

Most of my stuff for the New Year is picking my word for the year. That’s my core practice as I am not one for setting resolutions and setting up a binding on me that I forget about. Just not my thing.


There are times though when there are things I want to bring in more. This is coming through loud and clear. So Here’s what’s speaking to me at this point in time. All subject to change about how I feel in a future point in time.


What I want more of in 2023 - Card Reveal


Personal weekly card pull from the Froud’s Faerys Deck.

Do more art in an easy non-stressful manner. Reminding myself digi art counts.

Start in on the zodiac cards that’ve been in my brain for a couple of years now.

Promote myself more. No more shy about telling peeps about what I have to offer. Someone out there needs me is a message that keeps popping up.


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The reveal!

What I want more of in 2023 - Card Reveal

This week it is the Holly Simple Tarot.


Card 1 – Son of Pentacles

You need to get grounded in your money attitude. No flying off on spending sprees you feel down about when it is over. Accumulating more stuff is not going to change feelings, it just gets you stuff. Check in and know why you are buying and if you really want it. Make a choice to hit buy now.

What I want more of in 2023 - Card Reveal


Card 2 – Son of Cups

All the feels are here this week and they are getting their emotions on! You may feel weepy, sad, or very mercurial in your emotions this week. They change with the minute and that’s okay. Feel them and let them start to resolve. Everyone has time periods where they are super emotional sometimes for no overt reason.

What I want more of in 2023 - Card Reveal

Card 3 – Two of Coins

You have this but you think you don’t. You don’t have to know it all before it happens. In fact you can’t and you need to be good with that. Because you will never know just exactly how life will unfold because you can plan and plan but life has its own ideas. Enjoy where you are and have fun with the journey.

What I want more of in 2023 - Card Reveal

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