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What if I’m Not Aligned! – Card Reveal

There are many things I used to agonize over and just be so worried about. The thing is they weren’t really anything that deserved that much angst. Seriously they were a big time and energy suck. Which I only realized once it stopped.


One of them was “Am I in alignment?” You have no idea the horror and the agony that went into thinking about this. So much energy was dumped into working about not being aligned with whatever! Turned out not to be worth it.


What if I'm Not Aligned! - Card Reveal

Because no matter what you are aligned and your authenticate self. Just because you are on a detour doesn’t mean you are unaligned. You just need to learn something, so look for the lesson.


Detours may feel annoying but they will often teach you what you need to know. But that means paying attention to it instead of worrying about being ALIGNED. Take a look at where you are and what’s showing up for you. Find the lesson in it and take it to heart.


You will get somewhere much faster this way than agonizing of it all.


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What if I'm Not Aligned! - Card Reveal

Sakki-Sakki Tarot, Sacred Rose Tarot, & Handmade Affirmation Deck.


Pile One
5 of Swords, 7 of Wands, Energy Flows

What happens when you block off your energy is the creature runs off with your swords and you get into a club fight. It that the route you really want to go? Take a look at the stories you tel yourself aren’t shutting thing down. That’s your way out of this!

What if I'm Not Aligned! - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Queen of Rods, 6 of Pentacles, & I am Beautiful

Things are feeling good right now, embrace it. You have a lot of energy fueling good things let them happen. There is the tendency to wait for the bad thing to happen, don’t. Let yourself enjoy the good without trying to sabotage it.

What if I'm Not Aligned! - Card Reveal

Pile Three
The Sun, 2 of Cups, & I am Creative

Shine out! There is a lot to create with and so much energy there for you to tap into. Use it. You get to define what creative is in your life. It can simply be living your life and enjoying it. It doesn’t have to be the arts, Think out of the box with creativity and figure out where it is rooting in your life.

What if I'm Not Aligned! - Card Reveal


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