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What in the Hezmanah is a Thought Prompt?!

What in the Hezmanah is a Thought Prompt?!


These are what I think of as thought prompts. You can journal them, create art from them, or just ponder them. These are all things that I think about on a regular basis. Some of them came out creating new ways of living and being especially the ones about reliving the past. Others I do when I take a walk and pick up stones. Thought prompts are part of my self care and help me figure out stuff.


What in the Hezmanah is a Thought Prompt?!


Thought Prompts


1. What happens if you don’t put the pieces back together again?

2. How can a tree help me create the life you want?

3. What would happen if I just didn’t do ______?

4. What is my process in creating?

5. Does stopping mean procrastination? What if it just isn’t ready for the ‘Verse?

6. When do you stop waiting and start exploring?

7. How can I experiment today?

8. Pull a card first thing that pops into your head is?

9. How much energy do I want to spend on what might have been?

10. How much energy do I want to spend reliving the past?

11. How much energy do I want to use for the now?

12. Which energies do I want for the future?

13. Go outside and find a rock that you like. What does it feel like? What does it say to you?

14. What is the page saying to me? What does she want to be?

15. What’s the Fae energy of the day?

16. Which Fallen Angel fits with the circumstances?

17. What is the crystal grid saying to me? Change it all, add or subtract form it, or leave it?

18. Why me? Why not me? How can I create my own Why?

19. Words do hurt how can I speak from love and the heart more and more?

20. What can I celebrate?

21. What will bring me joy today?

22. How can I move from empowerment when facing fear?

23. What will I do today to move my energy around?



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