What Needs to be Evaluated?
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What Needs to be Evaluated?

What needs to be evaluated in your life?


What needs to be looked at and improved on or simply bolstered up with extra energy right now. This is a good thing to do.


Reflection helps you know where you are and what’s up in your life. It may not seem like a super power if you are a little too good at this. *Raises hands, both of them* I am super good at this to the point where it can be annoying at times but having seen what happens when someone can’t reflect and have a bit of introspection. I’ve really started appreciating it loads more.


What Needs to be Evaluated?

Things I know because of evaluation and reflections.


Imperfection is a super power!

You are work in process that means you aren’t broken unless your leg is or something like that.

Signs rarely run you over but they will show up over and over. Science and Magick are not so different at times. If you don’t want to see it you won’t until it is so big it takes over.

Play around with evaluation and reflection in the upcoming week. How does it work best for you? Trying to do your whole life will be overwhelming instead try picking one or two areas to focus on.


Find out where it takes you.

Take this deeper and book a reading.

This week’s piles are Sacred Sites Oracle, Divination Tiles, & Chakra & World Cards.


Pile 1
Frog Mountain, Kaun Yin, & the Third Eye


What Needs to be Evaluated?

What’s been handed down to you? Take a good look at what your family has handed to you good and bad. Not everything is on the surface some of the things you inherit run deep and are passed down over generations. How’s this working out for you? Trust yourself and the knowing you have inside to move out of this to heal and release old energies form long dead ancestors. You will want to bring in a huge dose of compassion as you do this. Be kind to yourself as you grow into who you can be. What issues have been handed down in your family? How can you heal them?



Pile 2
Mecca, Demeter, & Gate of Awakening


What Needs to be Evaluated?


What is sacred ground to you? Mecca speaks to us to know what areas you consider holy and treat them as such. Create sacred ground in the mundane world and treat is as such. Each step you walk can heal when you start to do this. Demeter speaks to us of creating sacred cycles in your life. To create a liturgical calendar for yourself and put that together with your scared spot to create magick. This will lead you to the Gate of Awakening opening up new ways of being for you. There’s a great potential to become more aware through your spiritual practices. Do you have sacred places and cycles? What can you do to create these?



Pile 3
Axum, Hel, & the Crown Chakra


What Needs to be Evaluated?


Are you using your intellect and charm? It doesn’t have to be one or the other you can put them together and use them to your advantage. Hell gives you the ability to stand your ground with using your intellect and charm. She reinforces the Queen of Sheba energy that Axum bring with it. Put those two with the crown chakra and you have expansive energy coming in and going out. Find the flow to how you work and do it with smarts and élan. Do you feel you can smart or charming? How can you be both in all you do?


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