Card Reveal

What themes are popping up for you?

There are themes that pop up over and over in these readings over the years.


Negative self talk, perfection, fear, and money issues. Since I work predominately with women let’s chat a bit why these come up.


What themes are popping up for you?

Negative self talk comes out of women supposedly needing to be not fat, not too vocal, not too this or that. This is a rabbit hole of madness when you start to look into it. You are enough how you are and want to be. Talk nicely to you and empower yourself it feels super good!


Perfection! You can’t be good enough ever unless you get it right and by that they mean perfect. Women have to go beyond what white dudes have to do. You have to be smarter, prettier, have more experience. It is no wonder that woman feel they have to be perfect because it is a story they get forced on them.


Fear. Any woman who has ever walked down a street has been cat called, told to smile, never cut their hair, blah, blah, and blah. Not to mention as a woman you are more likely to killed or harmed by a man you know. This has been going on for millennia. Fear is not unfounded.


Money! Don’t make too much or men won’t like you and will be afraid of you. They make news segments on this. Woman at least in the U.S tend to be paid less then the men they work with. Historically women were not allowed to keep property and money it belonged to father,husband, or son. Money is a form of empowerment use it!


These are the main themes that come up. Pay attention to them when they show in a reading these or others you have done for you. Healing your wounds around these starts to heal the wounds of the past and stop them from permeating the future.


This week’s piles are the Ceccoli Oracle, Chakra/Worlds Cards, Music Affirmation Cards


Pile One: Card 7, River of Blood & Death by Sweet Talk


Where are you wounds? Look at the stories you tell your self and did they come from you? I bet a bunch of them started by someone telling you something about you and it hurt. What’s that story and is it true and do you want to keep it? If not move into healing ask your ancestors to help you step into your stories. Make the choice to keep or not. It can still be part of your story just not the main one. What gets internalized and do you hold it against yourself? How can you create a new story to live by? How is this a version of negative self talk?

Song referenced – Spiritual House by KMFDM

What themes are popping up for you?


Pile Two: Card 27, Galactic/Akashic Chakra, & All the Poems Written in your Skin

Did you make the sacrifice you thought another wanted? How did that work out? Take a good look at other peeps who want you to give it all and they give you not much of anything. Are they really worth your time and energy? Relationships have points in time when one will need more support but when it is your turn in that role they also support. That’s healthy! Trust yourself to know who is doing this and when it happens. Respect your own boundaries and see the wonder you hold. Where do you cave with boundaries, this includes yourself? Are in relationships where all you do is give?

Song referenced – Some People – Goldfrapp

What themes are popping up for you?


Pile Three: Card 13, Gate of Awakening, Virgin Mary was tired, so tired.

Where do you need some peace and quiet? Never getting away makes it hard to hear what’s coming to you. If you can’t get quiet and some solitude you also don’t have time to think and respond. You end up reacting out of whatever emotion is riding high at that moment or from the buttons that got pushed. If you need the time to step back and cool off take it! Getting quiet reflection time will make you feel better and help you handle things well. How can having downtime help you navigate life? Can you see the difference in a response versus a reaction?

Song Referenced. – Rose Garden Funeral of Sores – Bauhaus

What themes are popping up for you?

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