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What’s coming up for Summer 2020

What’s coming up for Summer 2020

Here’s a few things getting ready to go live from me.


Here’s what I am up to?


What’s coming up for Summer 2020

Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast Special


There’s a special offer coming up for Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast where you will get the Chakra’s Connected Class when you subscribe.


New Art Class in the works

Celestial Bodies inspired by a favorite fantasy writer, space, and a band of the same name. Celestial Bodies will focus on abstracts, collage, and creating collage elements. It is going to be some serious fun!


Live run of the 4 Elements class.

You create a personal relationship with the Four Elements in this class. That means you get up close and personal with air, water, fire, and earth. Knowing how they show up for you makes life so much easier. There this is a Five week class unless you got for the whole shabam and get it with the art integration, then it is ten week. Live run will feature 5 live sessions.

If you already bought keep an eye for the emails for the class!


New End of Summer Sale
August 23rd to September 1st

All evergreen classes and light language audios will be on sale. Classes on sale will be Chakra Connected, Cosmic Earth allies, Dreamweaver Class. Audios include Soul Truth, Seed Sounds, and Gaia Healing Session Album.


Two things will be returning to the Blog!

They are Moon energies and Three Cards: Interpreting tarot.


When I stopped doing three Cards Interpreting tarot it had left me a bit burnt out on it after completing the Major Arcana. A break was needed and then life went on.


The basis of this is how does the deck vary meaning when interpreting a tarot reading. Symbols convey different meanings and that means variations in deck alter how you read that card.

Also, I found out I miss the moon energies. So that is coming back too. Look for them on the New and Full Moons.


Of course all the normal fun with the card reveal will still be here.


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