Card Reveal

What’s new and awesome – Card Reveal

What’s new and awesome in your world?

Here’s what’s going on for me.


Trying out a video aspect of the weekly card reveal and doing energy workshops in the Heart Light Transmission Group.

What's new and awesome - Card Reveal

When you do something for a very long time you there comes a point where you need to change it up to keep it interesting for yourself and for you all. Last year I introduced piles which has been super fun. This year I’m playing around with adding a video component because it sounds fun.


The other thing that I am super excited about is the Energy workshop that’s going on in the Heart Light Transmission group. I did a bunch of stuff when the group started in 2016 but a lots been learned since then.


How I use and deal with my energy has expanded in the four years since the Heart Light Transmission came into being.


Join us in the group for the Energy Workshops.

I have about twenty topics and exercises on my list.



Piles this week are Starchild Akashic Tarot and Handmade Affirmation cards


Pile One
Queen of Crystals & Be it, Begin, Soar

Open to the expansive wonder that you already are. There may be things you are working on but you are already there. Thinking that you have to do this, that, and the other thing to get there creates a mindset that denies the wonder you already hold. You are there, shine out and be bold in how you treat yourself. The love of knowing you are right where you need to be, right now is empowering. It can open up perspectives that you didn’t see by living in what will be. Where do you project into the future and hang out there? What If you knew the wonder of you right now?

What's new and awesome - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Six of Cups & I hear, I Listen, I know

These two cards work very well together. The Six of Cups asks you to pay attention to the love and joy in your life. The ability to be aware of that is a good thing and can help you move out of any challenging energies that are coming up. By paying attention to what is happening you receive the messages and signs that are coming to you. Let them guide you. Where do you deny the love in your life? How can being present help you know where you are?

What's new and awesome - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Justice & Be Joyous

I hear you all yelling,“What?!” Yes, I know you hadn’t even read it yet. Here’s how they work together and this in on a personal an internal level for you this week. Stop being mean to yourself. Stop giving yourself a life sentence of never being good enough, perfect enough, shoulding, doubt, unfounded fears, you get the idea. STOP it right now. Start changing that with joy, when you start applying cruel Justice bring in Joy, flip it into another emotion. Where are you cruel and punishing yourself? How can Joy move you out of this pattern?

What's new and awesome - Card Reveal



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