What's using up your energy? Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

What’s using up your energy? Card Reveal

What is using up your energy?

This is a good thing to know where your energy is going.


Because a lot of times it is being used for things that don’t help you out. For example, I have a reliving habit. I relive things that happened ages ago with people who I haven’t seen in a forever. What I never realized is that it took a shit ton of energy to do this.


What's using up your energy? Card Reveal

It wasn’t until I mostly replaced this habit that I realized how much time and energy got eaten up in the past. It was a GIANT revelation for me. Not doing this as much also means I get to sleep a lot faster rather then agonizing over a reliving event and how I could ave come out on top.


For me forgiving myself was a bit part of not practicing the habit of reliving. You path may lead you to use something else. But I do highly recommend you forgive yourself for what you did not get right and all the mistakes you are still holding against you.

Other interesting things this week!


Chrion goes retrograde on Saturday

Mercury goes direct on Sunday


Check out the Full Moon reading it was last Saturday but never too late for this stuff.


Now for the Reveal!

What's using up your energy? Card Reveal
This week’s piles are! Animalis Os Fortuna, the Azucar Bone Oracle, and Handmade affirmation deck

Pile One
6 of Swords, Imbolc – Sheep, & I Am Love

Fly toward the light little bird and find out how that can create what you need. It is great to look at the shadow, work with it, and help it heal but sometimes you need to get into the sunshine. Moving into the sun energy this 6 of Swords has is going to help you see how you can get creative to work it out. You hang out in the shadow long enough you get a tad imbalanced and need to remember going deep and dark is not the only way to get to the pith of your issue. Where do you need to balance out your light and dark aspects? How can you get creative in living your best life?


What's using up your energy? Card Reveal

Pile Two
8 of Swords, Muerte – Crow, & Money Grows on Trees

It is one thing to know things suck and it is another to buy into that so deeply you can’t see anything else. There is a lot going on in the world right now and much of it is sucky. Your job is to find the actions you can take to help it suck less. When I feel overwhelmed by all that sucks I think of John Lewis and that he’s still fighting what sucks, he keeps looking past what is into what might be. How can you look to what might be and find some awesome? Where do you get caught up in this sucks so bad, woe is me?


What's using up your energy? Card Reveal

Pile Three
The Hanged Man, Growth, & Let It Go

Take a step back so you can know what you are holding onto for no really good reason. You know that moment that happened a decade or more ago but you still relive and come up with snappy quips? Yeah, that one. It is time for you to step back from this and figure out the why you keep going back to it instead of the surface reason. Did you feel disempowered, belittled, dismissed? There is a reason you keep going back to the moment that is not what it looks like on the surface. It is time step back and grow by letting it go. How much energy is used in your reliving? What is the deeper reason you are reliving things?


What's using up your energy? Card Reveal

Affirmation Card

How can you let your Heart Glow shine out?

What's using up your energy? Card Reveal

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