Who are you right this second?

Where am I in space and time today? What is my body saying to me along with my mind? How can I move in a manner that supports me?

These are all questions that are posed in my yoga practice almost every time I step onto my mat. There is no force or making the pose happen. This is counter to what I come to my mat to accomplish. It is to be the best I am today. To find the point in myself that I can flirt with and dance into with asana. 

The exploration of self as a body, mind, and spirit being one is my true point. There are days that this happens and comes together with grace and beauty. Those moments are stark in the wonder they bring. The ability to step fully into being and exist. 

Truth is most days I come to the mat and practice the above. I never come near it. But that practice brings out different meanings from my body, mind, and spirit. It speaks to me in ways I would not hear going about my daily life. Even on the days that grace never comes, the beauty is pale the practice sustains.

It reminds me to ask the questions that will enhance my practice. To bring what is needed to the mat. To be who I am in that second. There is a power in doing this that translate into life. It reminds me I can only do what I can in that second as I am right now. That force and berating me doesn’t make it work, it only wears me down. 

The choice to be who you are right this second is not an easy one, it can mean sitting with the uncomfortable emotions along with the comfortable ones. It means setting boundaries when needed sometimes with me, not even an outside entity. 

So, where are you in space and time right now? What is your body and mind saying? How can you move in a manner that supports you?