Wild Rides, Self Compassion, & Happy Equinox

Wild Rides, Self Compassion, & Happy Equinox

Wild Rides, Self Compassion, & Happy Equinox!


That’s the first thing that popped into my head as I sat down to write this. Because it is a wild ride that got even more wild and the way to help that out is to be compassionate to yourself and to others too.


But as there is a pressure to still perform in the middle of an anxiety inducing pandemic. If you want to write your King Lear while in quarantine go for. Discover a new math like Newton, that’s awesome for you.

Wild Rides, Self Compassion, & Happy Equinox


The vast majority of us are eating cookies and trying not to freak the fuck out. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to while we get through this. If you need to sit and stare, that’s a fine thing to do.


Chill out if you need it bring in the most basic self care and that includes not becoming a walking petri dish who infects those who are immune compromised. Because they are feeling like they might not make it to the other side. I know I don’t want to be the person potentially infecting them.

Wild Rides, Self Compassion, & Happy Equinox

That’s a shitty place to be feeling like you can see the end of your life because way too many people don’t wash their hand as using the toilet. I once watched mother tell her daughter not to wash her hands while I was washing mine.


I am starting to ramble so here’s the Equinox Reading.

Remember you can chill while this is happening you don’t have to write your magnum opus.


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