Will You Choose to be Enchanted?
Spiritual Musings

Will You Choose to be Enchanted?

Choose to be enchanted?


This is a choice that’s yours to make.

Enchantment is occurs by your willingness to participate it. By seeing it in life as you lie it because it is not separated from you or your daily existence.


Enchantment and spirituality are both meant to be part of you. This is not something that happens when you take a ramble into the woods or do a ritual. Both are constants in life.


Will You Choose to be Enchanted?

The choice to see them as constants is radical and profound. It changes who you can become. The simple act of living a life becomes a sacred practice.


Sacred doesn’t reside in certain places at certain times. Enchantment isn’t only for super sparkle power hour when you pull cards or perform ritual.


It is the work of the everyday.
Read that again.


There is truth in that.


The boring mundane is where most of life is lived. Yet, it is separate from enchantment and the sacred. This is not a good way to live. To flit from pockets of enchantment to the next while ignoring the points in between. How can so much of life be unconsidered and discarded?


Will You Choose to be Enchanted?

Why would we want to do that?


Empowerment steps in when you stop dividing your life into moments of enchantment and daily life, sacred versus the mundane. It brings into being new concepts of how to function. It sees with new eyes.


More importantly it allows for dreams to form and take root.


You can start to connect more deeply in practices that support your life. Create and recreate how you move through your life. The separation of what is enchantment and what is not needs to merge and blur. In doing this everything changes and doors open. You realize that it can all hinge on a daydream or even the intent to clean a dirty pot.


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