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Wondering when to get a tarot reading?

Wondering when to get a tarot reading?


One of the questions I get asked often is when to get a tarot reading. Most of the time I tell my peeps, yes get one. But there are times I have told people to hold off for various reasons. If there’s so much going on in your life that you aren’t even going to have time to read it or use it, it is probably not a good time to get a reading. But here’s my rule of thumb that I use for me.


Wondering when to get a tarot reading?

You feel like getting a reading done. There doesn’t have to be some overwhelming or burning reason. Sometimes it is just fun to get a reading.


You want an outside view of a situation. Having someone else take a look and bring in the symbology of tarot or oracle cards can help you see things you aren’t picking up.


You are about to make a big change in your life or several big changes. Think of this kind of reading as an energy map. It gives you a head’s up energetically to how things are going to flow.


You feel stuck and can’t get out of a rut. Needing a nudge is not a bad thing it happens to all of us. Getting that outside help to get things moving or headed in the direction you want is a good thing.


As far as frequency goes. I work with cards for me on a daily basis. There’s no harm in getting frequent readings unless they start to rule your life. If you start to feel the need to get a reading for everything and freak out when it doesn’t say what you want it to say, you need to back away and take a break.


Also if you ask the same question or questions over and over in a short time frame. If you haven’t given it time to sink in or you time to do the work another reading will not help you. Give yourself at least three months to work on it. After that time you can go back and start to refine with another reading but if you just keep asking and not listening no reading is going to help at that point.


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