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Words Matter! Pay Attention to the Stories You Tell You

The unknown can be an uncomfortable place to hang out in. You want to know what’s going but you don’t always get that luxury. There are times when you get to hang in this zone for a decent amount of time.


Even if you are friendly with the unknown and handle it fairly well. It can be annoying, you don’t want to be there, you want to KNOW. But since that ain’t happening you feel stuck in the unknown.


Words Matter! Pay Attention to the Stories You Tell You


Stuck is a word that makes me wary. It is easy to become part of story that gets internalized as you wait. It is easier to tell you that you are stuck in something, than to not know. The story of stuck is tangible, you can play with it, review it, and more.


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Unknown on the other hand you can’t do any of that. Because it is unknown. You can create what you think it might be. But you still don’t really know, do ya? It is an uncomfortable place to be.


Letting you be there in that place though and being mostly all right with it can start things moving. When the information starts to come in again, it feels good. That’s when it all begins to flow again. That’s why stuck is a word you want to be careful with because you can start creating that energy with the story and slow or even stop what is on the way.


Words matter, do be wary of the Story you tell yourself.



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