Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!
Card Reveal

Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!

This year turns out feels very creative even with the health issues. It helps to have hemoglobin again even if there’s some mild anemia, still, thanks to chemo. But the urge to create is back in full force.


That helped me decide to do the 100 Day Project again this year. I’ve done it a couple of times and never finished it. Got bit more farther along each time but never got to 100 days.


Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!

After not painting in 2021 one of the goals is to get back to doing faces. That lead me to the Soulful Faces prompts. Having a prompt is proving useful and makes me have a plan even if I scrape it for that day.


Prompt 17 is a self portrait. Now normally I am all about doing this but this time there was loads of resistance. It felt blah and meh, mostly as I have a patchy head of shaved hair. You do not lose the hair all at once it comes in waves of hair lose and that means patches. The more hair you have the longer it takes.


I digress!

As much as I didn’t want to do this self portrait it also felt important. It needed to be done. The documentation of where I am at is important. So it got documented and I figured out how to paint someone with no hair.

Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!


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The Reveal!

Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!

This week is the Angelarium Oracle.

Card One
Matariel – Angel of Rain

The rain is here to nourish you and help you ease into what you are creating. There is a process that wants you to work with it and be open to the unknown coming in for you. Pay attention or you will miss it.

Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!

Card Two
Remiel – Angel of Visions

What keeps showing up? This can be anything in any manner. Visions do not always show up as something you see. It can a feeling over and over or snippet of song or a saying. Those are also valid visions. Do not dismiss how your vision might be showing up.

Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!

Card Three
Malkuth – Ground – The Kingdom

Are you somewhere else in your life? It can be easy to check out of the now and check into anywhere else. But you are here in this realm and part of that is participating in it. Enjoy what is here and have fun with because time is whizzing by and you can’t get it back.

Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!

Da’at – Void – Emptiness

Don’t freak out you are not a void! You are purr potential at the moment. It may not feel that way, it may feel empty and bit unclear. Okay usually really super unclear. But in the middle of it all is a spark to help you. The spark of the new beginning that you crave.

Working Through Resistance & Card Reveal!


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