Working With the Energy of a Tarot Card

Those of you who have had reading from me know I am fond of telling you to use the energy in the card. But I often feel that you all just wonder what does she freaking mean by that. Because when I say or write that I sincerely mean for you to use the energy that comes with the card in question.


Every card has a meaning but it also has an energy that goes with that meaning. If you get a Four of Swords using that cards energy would help you fuel your reflection on a situation to help you go deeper into it and to take it where you want it to go. That is what I mean when I say use the cards energy.

Working With the Energy of a Tarot Card

There is also the factor of what the card says to you when you look at it. Take a look at the card and what does it say to you. Personal meaning in tarot is very important do not discount it. Each one of us has a cultural system handed down by our culture but also one that is created by our own experiences. This personal mythos is a filter that we use to interpret all that comes into our lives. It helps us to define our world and to give it meaning. The more you add to it the richer it becomes. Here are several ways to use the energy of a card and get the most out of it and you.

Here are a few ways I like to use the energy of a card.

You can do this for Tarot or Oracle cards.


To use the energy of the card you simply let it go to work in your life. You invite it in and let it do its job. The hard part is keeping your ego from getting in the way the card.


Write about it. How does it make you feel? What’s pictures are on the card? What message does it tell you? How can you do to bring this energy into your life? Where change can happen?


Here is another writing exercise. Look at the card and just start writing for five minutes. Write the first thing that pops into your brain. Don’t censor it, just let it flow. If you get stuck repeat the last word until the flow starts again.


The last way that I like to work with an energy of a card is a path working technique. Where you step into the card. Get in a comfortable position and let yourself relax and your breath deepen. Look at the card. Start to commit the details to memory. Keep doing this until you can recreate it with your eyes shut.


Once you can recreate the card in your mind do it and step into the card. Let what happens unfold, don’t try to control what is happening. You will get what you need to know. Trust the process. When you are done say thank you and step out of the card back into you.


What happened? What did you see?

Were there any scents or sensations?

How did it feel?


There you are, several ways to work with the energy of a Tarot or Oracle card. This will let you more deeply explore cards you want to or if you need to work with an energy that is in a reading.


The Magician

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