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You are already an Ancestor Live Workshop

What kind of ancestor are you?

Right now!


Here’s the thing, you are already doing ancestor work as an ancestor when you engage with other ancestors. You step into the pool of available peeps to work as an ancestor.


That means knowing what you stand for. This means working with healing modalities for past, present, and future. It means being willing to let healing in from those who view you as the ancestor.


Where do you place yourself among your ancestors?

Remember that you are an ancestor. You are not simply the one working with them. Someone else is working with you.


Know how you want to show up in this role. What will you teach your ancestor? What shall your guidance be for that person who connects with your energy?

Ancestor work can be tricky because most of us have what I like to call problem ancestors. They were the problem in the past and some of them remain a problem currently.

This is part of what we will touch on in the Ancestor Workshop and help heal in the Ancestor Ritual.


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You are already an Ancestor Live Workshop

Bring in healing for your ancestors and help out your future ancestors too.


Healing your ancestral line helps you be a better person, it helps to heal the past, and create a future without the problems we have now and in the past.

The Ancestor workshop and ritual strives to create healing and connection on the ancestral level. Doing this via healing, understanding, energy clearing, and a willingness to be a good ancestor.


In the workshop we will cover

You as an Ancestor

Adopting ancestors: who and who not to adopt.

Problem Ancestors: Colonization, racism, misogyny

How to Heal: Be the solution

The Ritual will focus on healing and clearing the energy around you and your ancestors.


When: Ancestor Workshop October 16th and the Ritual on the 30th


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