Weekly Card Reveal

You don’t need clarity to act and explore!

You don’t need clarity to act and explore!


You don’t have to know and you don’t need clarity to act! I used to think I needed to get real clear on a microscopic level before I could act. It was frustrating and never lead me anywhere. I felt less and less clear.


*beat head on the keyboard*

It felt tight, constricted. So I let go of clarity and started doing and acting. Relishing in imperfection and making fun of my typos, gorunded being a favorite.

It let me explore!


You don't need clarity to act and explore!

It brought me to a place where I started on a huge project that still kind of freaks me out. I wrote a year class about Chakras and Three Worlds and how to use them in your life all because I gave up being clear and created. Walking the Worlds: Chakra Expansion grew out of not waiting for me to fully understand where it was going. It helped me know that the spiritual can empower the mundane.

Walking the Worlds:Chakra Expansion is currently part of the

Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast



Card Reveal!

You don't need clarity to act and explore!

This weeks deck is the Wisdom of the Oracle.

Card 1
A Leg Up

There’s doing it by yourself and then there’s refusing to ask for help. There are times you need help and need to reach out for it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek out advice, and help when you need it. You are not less for needing help. You are not stupid if you can’t figure it out on your own. Reach out when you need to and ask for help when you need it. Where do you avoid asking for help? Can you ask for help with somethings but not others? How does it feel when someone asks you for help?


Card 2
The Fates

Sometimes you need to trust that it is simply going to happen. You have to believe in it. I’d say that’s 25 to 50 percent of what fate is, belief. You know what that other chunk is? It is action. It is doing the things that take you towards what you are trusting to happen. Faith and action combined is what creates the magick that gets you what you want. It is the creation of choices to get where you want to go and making the choices that lead you there. Keep your eye on what you want and go for it. Do you find yourself dreaming about what you want? If so how can you bring action steps into it?


Card 3

Stop and check in for a minute with yourself and how you feel about this word Blessed. What emotions are popping up good, bad, indifferent. No right or wrong feel what you feel. Now start to ask what’s good in your life? What went right? It can be small, big, medium. Bring gratitude in and reinforce this blessings that are showing up in your life. The more you can use gratitude the more you will see the wonder that happens everyday in your life. How do you use gratitude in your life? Do you see the glass half full or half empty.


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