You made to the next week! Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

You made it through the week! Card Reveal

There’s a lot that happened in the U.S. last week with the coup de etat and all. At this point I don’t have words for it, some do, but I just don’t know what to say. Well, that’s coherent at least and not a long string of profanities.


You made to the next week! Card Reveal

The one thing I do know is if you promote violence over and over it will eventually happen. That’s where my country is at, the violence finally happened. My feel is if you didn’t see this coming you were not paying attention. Because it’s been in the works for ages.


If you got anything done last week congratulate yourself because you are stellar and fly. My plan has already deviated in week two! There was no way I was getting my deep dive into the Fool done. What did happen was processing emotions with art. Processing Collective Energies shows one way I work things out when my words aren’t there yet.

What did stay on plan is getting out the weekly vlog!

I kept it up for the whole week. That’s exciting!


Now the Reveal!


You made to the next week! Card Reveal

This week’s decks are Thoth Tarot, Aquarian Tarot, & Enchanted Map.


Pile One
Four of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, & Protecting Treasures

Keeping your creature comforts protected and a sanctuary is something that’s perfectly acceptable. The inclination to keep the things or places that help you cope with life is important. Don’t let others make you think that this is not necessary. Because it is. Knowing, using, and keeping your sanctuary right now is very important.


You made to the next week! Card Reveal


Pile Two
Prince of Disks, King of Pentacles, & Home


There’s a lot of Earth in this pile all three cards are earthy one. Home is where most of us have spent even more time then usual in the past year. It looks like for some of us that you will be spending some more time there this month. Make the improvements that will make your space better, you might have already started this process. Keep going with it. It can take the shape of new paint colors or simple decluttering of your storage spaces.


You made to the next week! Card Reveal


Pile Three
Two of Wands, Nine of Rods, & Cleaning


This row well is fire! There’s a lot of movement and energy going on here. What are your plans and goals. Go get them, set up the action steps to get them rolling. There’s a lot of fire to help you. One other thing that’s going to help is getting rid of any projects that you aren’t into, don’t want to finish or start, and clean house. This cleansing will help you make room and time to get what you really want rolling and sustain it.


You made to the next week! Card Reveal